Welcome to Reebok CrossFit Nürnberg

    Reebok CrossFit Nürnberg is a World-Class fully-equipped CrossFit Box in Nürnberg. Our 750 square-meter facility provides an enviable amount of space to offer CrossFit’s broad yet inclusive training program, suitable for any level of fitness.

    See our WOD!

    Think about Fitness

    Remember when running, jumping, somersaulting, and playing on the jungle gym was fun? If you can’t remember when you last enjoyed sport, we will help you recapture that fun – we will increase your bone density and define your muscle mass and most importantly we will halt your descent into infirmary and sickness.

    We make you stronger at everything you want to do and more importantly, protect you from injury not just while performing CrossFit, but also performing every sport you love. Give us your goals and we will help you achieve them in record time – guaranteed.

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    The WOD

    Shoulder Press 1x5 at 40% 1RM
    Shoulder Press 1x5 at 50% 1RM
    Shoulder Press 1x5 at 60% 1RM
    Shoulder Press 1x5 at 70% 1RM
    Shoulder Press 1x5 at 80% 1RM
    Shoulder Press 1x5 at 90% 1RM

    Rest as needed between sets.

    ****REMEMBER! This is based off of 90% of your 1RM****