Coaches Spotlight: Stephanie Mund           

It becomes a "chicken or the egg" question of which comes first: Are BADASS coaches merely attracted to RCFN, or does RCFN put the BADASS in their coaches? Here's more evidence they're all badass. May I introduce Stephanie Mund!

„It won’t be that exhausting… I mean I’m fit!“ Well… I got my butt kicked!

– Stephanie Mund

Ginger: How old are you and where are you from?
Stephanie: I’m 27 years old and born in Erlangen.

Ginger: How did you first hear about CrossFit and what was your first impression of RCFN?
Stephanie: I was working for BeaverFit at IWA OutdoorClassics where I met Ina the first time [an RCFN member who left to open her own CrossFit Box]. She was talking about CrossFit three days in a row. At this time I studied sports and was always interested in new sports anyway so one week following our conversation, I signed up for the free Intro WOD at RCFN.

My first thoughts before the Intro WOD were like: „It won’t be that exhausting… I mean I’m fit!“ Well… I got my butt kicked!

I've been doing a variety of sports since I was a kid, including weight and conditioning training regularly at a gym. I really couldn't believe how dead I was after a barely-10-minute workout. So I knew right away that I had to start CrossFit to get fitter. Also the people at RCFN were super nice from the beginning, and it is just fun to workout with people in a class and support each other.

After the Intro WOD I signed up for the OnRamps straightaway, and couldn’t wait to do my first WOD in the regular class. Since this time CrossFit is just a big part of my life, and I don’t know what to do without it.

Ginger: How long have you been coaching? And why do you like it?
Stephanie: At RCFN I’m coaching since February 2017. As a fitness coach I am working since 2013.

Nowadays the coaches of most gyms don’t respond to the desires of their members. That is really sad! At RCFN it’s different! Here is no „black or white“, every member is seen individually. That‘s why I love to coach at RCFN! We know every member personally and we know their strengths and weaknesses. That’s what coaching is about. Every member has their own goals and as coaches, we need to learn them and take care of them! That is also a reason why coaching never gets boring! And the best feeling anyway is when a member reaches their goal! That makes me super proud!

Ginger: The official CrossFit pyramid pictured on the 8th page of this document shows CrossFit's perception of the criticality of nutrition to performance: we teach that any deficiency in lower levels of the pyramid will disrupt performance at higher levels. Recent Harvard Business Review headlines went viral in America reporting the number of Americans who liked cooking dropped 34% over the course of just 15 years (a very dismal 10% now enjoy cooking over there). I would love to see statistics in Germany, and hope we can "buck the trend" here! Do you enjoy cooking, and what dish is your favorite, or are you best at cooking? [Editor's note: Due to potential gender stereotype apprehension, I informed Stephanie that I choose the questions at random for our coaches spotlight, and gave her the option to pass this one to Kai for our next spotlight - but bravely, she took it on]
Stephanie: Well, I love to cook and I love to try new recipes. That’s kind of relaxing for me! But I have no idea what I am the best at cooking. Ummm.. I love to cook (and eat) Chicken Thai Curry! J

Ginger: What makes you the most happy doing?
Stephanie: CrossFit of course! And spending time with my dog outdoors. I love hiking and love to discover new places.

Ginger: What would you pick as your "spirit animal? Which animal represents your personality or character best, and why?
Stephanie: Haha, that’s a really hard question! I never thought about it so I did a test on the internet. Here is the result:

„Your spirit animal is the whale because you have a strong inner voice, and always follow your own truth. Because your are so in touch with reality, you are self-aware and dont get involved in drama. You have strong bonds and emotional ties with those you love.“

I think this sums it up pretty well!

Stephanie, your strength, tenacity, & competence make amazing coaching qualities. Thanks for inspiring so many members of RCFN!