Here we go again!

It‘s all about the Kids -

The RCFN Fundraiser IronMan Triathlon Challenge

CrossFit is all about making people's lives better.  We want to make this true not only about those who actually do CrossFit, but also about reaching and helping those who can't. This is why RCFN tries to collect money on a regular basis to support the Nürnberg Kinderhospitz Team ( with their critical and life-changing mission to bring joy to the lives of some very sick kids in our area.

On the 27th of April, RCFN will begin the next charity fundraiser and we need your help!

1 - The Task

Six Teams of Three from RCFN will each complete the "24 Hour C2  Iron Man Challenge"! Each team will complete as many rounds as possible in 24 hours of 500m Skiing, 1000m Rowing and 2000m Biking with the expectation of completeing 125 total rounds. The whole effort will be done on Stationary C2 Ergs @ Reebok Crossfit Nürnberg on the 27th of April, starting at 0000.

The RCFN Charity "insane but True"  WOD is:

AMRAP 24 Hours of:

500m Ski Erg

1000m Row Erg

2000m Bike Erg

which team will hit the goal of 125 rounds?

2 - Pick your team/athletes!

Team of Champions

Christian, Jarek and Drake are the three people that started this chaity at RCFN and not they wanyt to share the pain and suffering with some more people in hopes of raising even more money!  These guys are a sure thing to complete 125 rounds as they suffered through 100 rounds each last year!

Team #bacon4life

Kette, Jessi and Ali - 3 girls who love Crossfit. With enough bacon in our luggage, we will start fortified into the 24-hour charity event on 27 april and get hopefully a lot money to help the Kids from Kinder Hospitz. Bacon for the win!

Team Blond But Strong

All born blondes but in different parts of the world, we - Kendel, Nina and Hanna - have decided to join our forces to become the invincible girl power team. Come by and watch your next-door blonde switch to Berserker mode - all for the good cause. We will push through that 24 damn, long hours. Your job? To drop by the Crossfit Box and/or donate online for our goal: to brighten up the days of some very sick children. Any amount helps!


Beauty and his beasts: 3 barbell lovers are facing the ultimate cardio challenge... probably dying a slow and agonizing death. Please donate so it was not in vain!
Team #NOCARDIO aka. Fejer, Michael and Dea!


Team SlowerThanYourGrandma 

Christian Friedlein, Özgur Arikan and Steve are known for their absolutly No Cardio Skills. BUT WE ARE DOING THIS JUST FOR THE KIDS. 

So if you wanna support us, cheer for us, having a beer with us or even more important want to donate for the Kinder Hospice stop by on the 27th of April at RCFN.


Team #Hobbitz

Max, Nash and Jan - small but mighty
If you want to support the long Journey come by and donate, support and cheer for everyone who is with us.
Help us to put a smile on the kids face.

3 - How can you help?

If you would like to donate, we are asking you to pick a team (or more) you would like to sponsor with a certain amount per round finished. For example, if you decide to donate €10/round for one team and that team would complete the challenge it would mean as much as €1250 for the kids at the Hospice.  Of course less or more is ALWAYS welcome, any amount per round will help. And please don't forget that finishing is far from certain.
Please message us personally at with the team(s) you want to sponsor, the amount per round and whether it is ok to mention your name on this site. We would update the standings here and on the FB pages of the teams.

Of course you can donate directly @ rcfn4kids@crossfitreeboknuernberg.comvia PayPal.

Periodically throughout the day there will be live streaming via FB Live if you follow any of the athletes and everyone is welcome to stop by to cheer for the athletes, have a beer and give money in person.

Thanks and wish us luck!